Stone foundationNot all foundation services offer foundation repair.  Some companies survive by selling foundation repair parts/equipment as well as provide foundation repair services as noted in the Omaha World Herald:

Grip-Tite is committed to providing the absolute best service to each home and homeowner we encounter because we understand just how important your home is to you. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and use of cutting-edge industry technology. We have a large array of proven techniques to design a solution that will protect the integrity of your structure in an efficient manner. Our specialists are knowledgeable and experienced certified foundation professionals who offer both commercial and residential foundation repair services. Grip-Tite Manufacturing Co. utilizes proven engineering methods to secure and stabilize deteriorating basement walls. We sell foundation repair products like wall anchors for fixing foundation issues without having to spend more money with removing and rebuilding walls. We have the training, experience, and products you need to solve your foundation situations. For problems both large and small, we offer affordable and effective solutions.

Grip-Tite Manufacturing Co. of Omaha has been delivering on a promise of celebrated quality and service in the foundation repair and earth anchoring industry for more than 94 years.

With years of experience in foundation repairs, we have the equipment, technical skills, and expertise to provide you with commercial or residential foundation repairs. We look forward to helping you, so please contact us today. Whatever solution we use to fix your foundation, we make sure the job is done right the first time. We make sure our experts have the best tools and products available. We are your reliable foundation repair contractor’s team. We specialize in manufacturing wall anchors systems that are a perfect alternative to removing to rebuilding basements walls. Our technicians adhere to some very basic rules of honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect. We are here for you! Every facet of our business has been built on the foundation that safe, healthy practices and good customer service are the most important aspects of what we do. If you are looking for the highest quality foundation repair products with the most cost-effective solutions then you have found it. Reach out today to see how we can help you!